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Video- Competition Announcement

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On Monday, April 17, 2017

Due to our belief in the power of youth and as part of the awareness raising campaign in the “Waste Fluorescent Lamps Collection in Alexandria- pilot project”, The NSWMP decided to announce for two student competitions in collaboration with the library of Alexandria. The idea behind these competitions is to engage school and university students from different backgrounds and disciplines to actively have an impact on the environment and public health, and the project can make use of their ideas along with the awareness campaign activities. The competitions mainly aim to raise awareness about the harmful impact of mercury and the need for/benefits of safe disposal of fluorescent lamps.

The competition is intended for school students to prepare a poster that can be used in the awareness campaign. These posters are to be hung on the walls in the schools and possibly in public areas where collection containers are placed, such as in shopping-malls.
The poster conditions:
• A3 paper
• Using pictures/ graphs/ drawings
• Creative and attractive

School students shall work individually. Participants shall present their poster on the closing event in the library of Alexandria.

Students from secondary level (from grades 10 to 12).

The competition is intended for university students to prepare an awareness campaign to reach different target groups, and present appropriate concepts that can be applied in Alexandria.
The Awareness campaign may include:
• Produce a short video (maximum 3 min)

The participants should choose one of the above activities and send it to us via e-mail ([email protected]) maximum by 23 April 2017. All the projects will be uploaded on our website ( and Facebook page ( The projects with the highest number of likes and shares will be shortlisted to be evaluated by panel members.

University students shall work in groups of 2 to 3 individuals. Each team shall present their awareness campaign in a 10-minute presentation.

University students with any majors can participate. Participating students may consist of undergraduate students and fresh graduate students who are willing to join the competition.

Students will be given an introduction by the NSWMP team and library of Alexandria team, to the competition on 8-9 April 2017 in the weekly environmental sessions in the library. The library of Alexandria will be asked to follow up with the students, also members of NSWMP can be involved in the follow up process through advisory support, if needed. The deadline is on 23 April 2017.

Panel members will be chosen from the library of Alexandria, GIZ-NSWMP, Waste Management Regulatory Authority (WMRA) and sponsor companies. The selected panel will evaluate the projects according to required standards. The panel shall consist of academics and experts in the fields with strong backgrounds in the topic. The evaluation process will take place on 26-27 April 2017.
Teams will be evaluated for attractiveness and creativeness of their projects, value and impact of the outcomes, and presentation of the projects. Accordingly, the winning teams will be announced and presented during the closing event (30th of April 2017) in the library of Alexandrina. There will be 3 winning teams from each competition (which is total are 6 teams).

The winning submissions will be used in our awareness raising campaign.


Watch our video competition: (Arabic)