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On Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In the framework of developing the capacities of Solid Waste Management stakeholders in Egypt, the NSWMP has developed a set of trainings on essential SWM core skills. The trainings were divided into two Training of Trainers (TOT) modules; the first is the basic core knowledge that should be acquired by all stakeholders working in solid waste management. The second is the advanced module that targets the regulators and operators who work in the sector; it aims on tackling different critical topics relating SWM such as planning, management steps, legal requirements and operation models along with other related topics.

The basic module was delivered to 21 participants from the NSWMP focus Governorates (Qena, Assuit, Kafr El Sheikh and Gharbeya) and the Waste Management Regulatory Authority (WMRA).  The training was divided in to two rounds, the first round was introducing topics of the training and presentation skills, the participants were asked to do presentations on certain topics. For the second round included the participants were requested to prepare a training outline and presentation and deliver an actual training during the second round on one of the module topics. In presence of senior trainers the participants applied different training techniques they learned such as presentation, videos, open discussions, and working groups. Overall participants were successfully able to absorb the SWM material and training techniques.


After the conclusion of the trainings, the participants were requested to implement a training course in their governorates for different SWM stakeholders in presence of an experienced trainer. Two governorates have already implemented their trainings (Qena and Assiut) and representative from the programme joined the trainings. In Qena the training included 20 participants, from the different districts. Also in Assuit, the training included 16 participants, from different districts.


Both trainings were structured and informative, and the trainers showed great potentials which show a promising future to building the capacities of SWM stakeholders in the Governorates for a better environment.

A follow-up meeting for experience sharing and orientation on the advanced module will be held for the trainers during the second week of December.