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Goals of the NSWMP

Protection of public health, environment and quality of the living environment for Egyptian citizens through sustainable development of waste management practices.


Purpose of the programme

To support the establishment of new and effective policy, legislation and institutional arrangements for waste management at the national and governorate level in Egypt, coupled with enhanced professional capacity, and an investment pipeline for implementation of sectoral projects at the regional and local level.


Expected results

  1. An established waste management policy supported by framework legislation and implementing regulations for priority waste streams, and a developed institutional structure governing the waste management sector at the national and local level.
  2. An established investment pipeline, with implementation of waste management concepts in four governorates designed and implemented with multi-stakeholder participation.
  3. Enhanced professional capacity to direct, manage and implement policy, legislation, strategy, programs, projects and services.
  4. Solid waste management plans at the national and local levels, with measures designed and implemented to increase service coverage and performance.
  5. Broad involvement of civil society in the elaboration of policies and plans coupled with recognition of waste management & recycling as a profession.