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Exchange Visit among the Partners of the NSWMP

Posted in: Primary Waste Collection and Recycling Support to the Governorates

On Monday, January 4, 2016

NSWMP has organized an exchange visit between Qena partners (Environment and Community Development NGO in Dandara and Dandara Local Government Unit (LGU)) and Assiut partners, namely the SWM Unit and the primary collection and recycling models in Kolta and Mankabad. This visit took place on Dec. 6th & 7th, 2015 in Assiut. The Qena participants visited Assiut to see the models which are being implemented by two different service providers, an NGO in Mankabad, and a small enterprise which has been recently formalized in Kolta neighborhood, West District of Assiut city.  This visit was very important since it is the first in kind to exchange knowledge and lessons learned in SWM in general, and the planning and implementation of primary waste collection and recycling models in specific. These models have been implemented in full partnership with local partners.  The visit helped in showing the high interest and potential cooperation among governmental stakeholders, NGOs, micro enterprises, etc. Moreover, it promoted the concept of NGO-to-NGO exchange of experience. During these two days, the participants of Qena had a chance to make field visits to the operating models in Kolta and Mankabad, to meet with the SWM Unit and to listen to their success stories, which helped the Assiut team to speak proudly about their models, therefore instilling a sense of achievement.