Egypt Participated In The 5th Regional Forum On Economic And Social Solutions For Sustainable Management Of The Environment 14 16 April 2015 » NSWMP

Egypt participated in the 5th Regional Forum on “Economic and Social Solutions for Sustainable Management of the Environment”, 14-16 April 2015

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On Monday, October 19, 2015

A delegation from Egypt has strongly contributed in the 5th Regional Forum on Integrated Solid Waste Management in Tunis focusing on “Economic and Social Solutions for Sustainable Management of the Environment”.

Among the participants from Egypt were representatives from the public sector, NGO and private sector and other renowned waste experts.

The NSWMP and the Integrated Solid Waste Management Sector (ISWMS) jointly presented Egypt during the session “Institutional Decision Making: The Art of Working Together”.

Other contributions from the Egyptian delegation were given in the following sessions:

  • Inter-municipal Cooperation: a Utopia?
  • Emerging Issues for Informal Sector Integration
  • Boosting Local Economy through Resource Management
  • Organic and Food Waste: Taste It… Don’t Waste It!
  • Waste and Climate Change: Change Habits Not the Climate
  • Informal Sector Integration: Case Studies from the MENA Region

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