Component F: Implementation And Monitoring » NSWMP

Component F: Implementation and monitoring

In order to ensure operability of the National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) implementation plans are prepared for all components of the NSWMP. The plans are based on identified work streams and measures, and form the basis of an integrated programme.


The NSWMP represents the initial stage in what is ultimately a long term process. The needs and circumstances in Egypt related to waste management issues will change. It is therefore vital that the NSWMP is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that the measures identified under each component remain valid and relevant.


The implementation of the NSWMP shall be monitored and reviewed in the following main categories:

  • Policy implementation
  • Improved services and facilities
  • Financial sustainability
  • Civil society engagement


In order to measure the progress, a set of indicators have been identified to gauge implementation achievements against program objectives within the four defined categories.