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Component E: Civil Society Participation

Solid waste management has strong association to the social aspects and the local communities. Solid waste management is one of the important and basic services that is not only linked to clean environment but also to enhancing the sense of well-being and the quality of life of local residents.


In the future the Egyptian Solid Waste Management Regulatory Agency (WMRA) will play a leading role to mobilize different actors and in coordinating the different actions.



Certain communities are particularly involved in recycling and waste management. These communities are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable of society, but have been providing door-to-door waste and recyclables collections for generations. They have the know-how of the sector and incorporating them into new systems is essential. The important role that communities play in recycling is recognized, and shall be strengthened.


The establishment of WMRA aims to be an important turning point in raising the profile of solid waste management in Egypt. Awareness raising will be key, but needs to be done in tandem with the introduction of new and improved services.