Component B: Investment Programming & Implementation » NSWMP

Component B: Investment Programming & Implementation

Investment is required to tackle acute negative impact on health and environment. The investment component of the NSWMP considers the experiences from the previous solid waste management strategy, which failed to reach any of the envisaged targets. Component B includes three work streams covering development of project pipelines, initiating priority investments, and financial management of investments in the sector.


A key lesson learnt was that on a short to medium term the available financial means from the public, private and international sources all need to be captured and utilized to the best possible effect. In the future the investment programming and implementation shall be facilitated by the Egyptian Solid Waste Management Regulatory Agency (WMRA), while investment shall be implemented at the regional and local levels under the leadership of Governorates. With financial and technical assistance from the German Government and the European Union, new investments in the waste management sector will be implemented. The major objective of the first phase of investments under this NSWMP will be to achieve a demonstration effect which may act as a “blueprint” or “seed” for future waste management projects.


Even with these important seed funds, a very large quantity ">

of investment finance will be needed for Egypt to approach

the demand for the municipal waste management sector.


In the future WMRA will provide guidelines for sound financial management practices for solid waste management at the local level. This will include the developments of templates and models – covering all data input needs to assist financial planning, as well as capacity building for decentralized financial management.