About the NSWMP

In Egypt only 60% of solid waste is actually collected, less than 20% is recycled or properly disposed of. The negative impact on public health and the environment is significant. From piles of waste in the streets to blocked irrigation channels, waste is visible everywhere. Depending on the region, informal garbage collectors and recyclers make a major contribution to waste handling. Few are, however, included in formal waste management schemes and work under precarious conditions. The institutional framework and the technical and administrative skills for a sustainable solid waste management system are still under development.

In response to this the Government of Egypt has launched the National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) with the support of EU/German development partners for sustainable development of the Solid Waste Management sector in Egypt. The support combines technical cooperation addressing the policy, legal and institutional framework and providing capacity building at the national and local levels (GIZ technical assistance component) and financial cooperation for investment in municipal solid waste management infrastructure and services (KfW/EU financial assistance component).

The National Solid Waste Management Programme (NSWMP) together with its partners and stakeholders is working on transforming challenges into opportunities for Egypt’s waste sector.

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About the  NSWMP
Goals of the NSWMP
Component A: Institutions, Policy and Legislation
Component B: Investment Programming and Implementation
Component C: Professional Capacity Development
Component D: Planning, Services and Infrastructure, Improved Services and Facilities
Component E: Civil Society Participation
Component F: Implementation and Monitoring